Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is kind of big, life altering news. I got Nicole a puppy for her birthday! Actually I kind of just made him. But he winks at you if you flip him over. In other less significant news, Nicole quit her job today and we were almost murdered by a lightning bolt that struck about 100 feet away from us. What were we doing tempting Zeus in a thunderstorm you may ask? Well I'll tell you.

We actually do it every year so I've posted about it before (3-31-10 and 3-18-11 and 3-20-11), but it's salamander season! You can generally tell when it starts because these little buggers start peeping and won't shut up. So yeah, every year we go to look at the spotted salamanders and frogs when they go to lay their eggs. I've posted a lot of pictures of us picking up and wrangling them in the previous posts, so this year I tried to get more of them swimming in their natural habitat since they were the most active I've ever seen them tonight. Then we almost got struck by lightning in the woods. The end.