Monday, April 2, 2012


This weekend Nicole and I went to eat at a restaurant that had a mini-arcade next to the dining area. Normally this would be a good thing since I like that kind of stuff. Normally. There's nothing normal about a mob of screaming children running around like howler monkeys while you're trying to eat breakfast. If I wanted that, I would have went to Chucke E. Cheese (actually that would probably be pretty fun). However, as we were eating, Nicole noticed that one of the urchins actually won a prize from a dinosaur claw machine. No one ever wins anything from claw machines. Too busy screaming to notice that he actually won, we quietly ate our meal while watching to see if the little monster or any of his cohorts checked the prize door. They never did. I probably could have retrieved the prize and made the poor child's day, and I definitely would have if he were politely sitting on his hands in the corner with his mouth closed. But he had long before reached a decibel level where he no longer deserved such an awesome prize. We deserved such an awesome prize for putting up with his shrieking. So yeah, we didn't technically steal from a little kid, but this suction cup ball has been stuck to my bedroom mirror for the past three days. I'm not sorry.