Sunday, July 24, 2011


Look, I have a new girlfriend with black hair. We tried to go walk in a park we've never been to before, but she got attacked by bugs and ran away. Otherwise, I've been doing a really poor job of taking pictures of the stuff we do. I did attempt to buy more running stuff, but got scared of these diesel mannequins and ran away. We do other stuff too, but recently we've been mostly just been doing a lot of running. I don't take pictures of running. I do however take pictures of indulgent, post-run Cheeseburger Tour at B Spot. I don't think anything in the world ever taste better than heart attack food immediately after running six miles. Heart attack food includes onion rings fried in lard with some of the best sauce ever. It also includes White Russian Rootbeer Floats (with snaky rings) named after Coen brothers' movies.

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