Saturday, July 30, 2011


We ran a race at the zoo. It was fast and really hot. I asked a cheetah to make me faster. After running, we walked even more in the even hotter and looked at animals. These are my favorites.

This giraffe likes to eat.
Nicole got to feed it a leaf.
She probably wishes she could feed this little cat a mouse.
This little cat probably wishes it could eat a baby.
This (kind of?) cat has a hamster wheel.
This is a rare and exotic bird.
I like turtles.
I have no idea what these two were doing though.
This one is old.
This is the vegetarian fish that learned how to eat people on Monster Quest.
That would be weird if butterflies learned to eat people.
This one is looking at you.
This guy reminds me of Sea World.
This bear shakes like a dog.
This bear cub has a bath tub (that rhymes).
The bear cubs were my favorite thing at the zoo.
It's pretty rare to see this bear with its eyes open.
We made commercials for these guys at work.

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