Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Stairs are the theme of today. Those are the ones from the hotel, but we went up and down over two hundred stairs to visit the catacombs. I've wanted to go here every since I first heard about/saw pictures of this place when I was a kid. There are literally walls of bones all though miles worth of tunnels that date back a very long time. I guess there six million people's remains though the whole thing. It's really amazing and surreal to see in real life. Here are some other interesting parts that weren't bones.

When we resurfaced, we went to sit at a cafe and look at people. I think Paris is a pretty great place for people watching. This lady is wearing a dress on a scooter. Then we did some window shopping and more people watching and more window shopping. This A.P.C. is on the "Rue Madame" that they put on all of their labels.

Like the catacombs, I've wanted to a creperie in Paris as a destination for a long time. This was the first crepe of the trip, and it was very good. I kind of wish I had one right now as I'm typing this. Nicole drinks a lot of tiny coffee. I bet she wishes she had one right now as I'm typing this.

Look, it's night time now. Night time is a good time to visit the Eiffle Tower. I know for sure that there's a law that every tourist must take a picture of themselves in front of it. The tower turns on its sparkles when Nicole puts her arms in the air (really it did). This shot is pretty obligatory as well. The thing that sucks about pictures is that they're never as cool as seeing something in real life. So here are a few pictures to help remember what it was like looking at the real thing, but it's nothing like actually seeing stuff like this and this in person. One nice thing about pictures is that that they're free, so I can steal shots of the gift shop (even though I got yelled at for it) and get the overpriced kitschy souvenirs without paying for them. Don't look down.

After looking around at everything at the tower, we started to go home as the cafes were closing. Crepe stands stay open later than cafes, and any time is a good time to eat crepes. To wash down the crepes, we got an Orangina. This drink is a word that they taught us about in my high school French class that I never though would actually matter in my life. I pretty much though that about my entire high school French class actually. Boy was I wrong. By this point, I was really wishing that I had paid better attention. I feel it necessary to publicly thank my teacher for the little bits of French that did stick in my brain though, because that's pretty much the only way I was able to do anything out here at all.

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