Saturday, August 6, 2011


Every year, the suburb we live in attracts international attention with its festival celebrating multiple offspring pregnancies. They have a parade that involves candy throwing, reason enough to attend on its own, but Nicole and I have gone every year since moving here to watch the spectacle. It's become a tradition.

What's a parade without bagpipes right?
Mobs of twins.
Not all of them want to be there.
This costume(?) was my favorite.
It's a little like your eyeballs are drunk...everywhere you look...everything is twice.
It's a little creepy and a bit disconcerting.
This is fun though right?
They look like they're having fun.
They definitely are.
I'm not sure I want to know what they consider as fun.
This dude totally caught me.
I took pictures of these guys last year.

Beyond the parade, carnival lemonade is one of Nicole's favorite aspects of whole deal. If you've read my blog before, you know that we're pretty much on a diet of fair food as much as possible for the whole summer. Nicole encouraged us into embarassing breakfast even by our standards. Now lots of random pictures...I found twin poisonous mushrooms, and shot clowns in the mouth. I didn't ride any rides though. Nicole made new friends. I invaded a bus yard.

Also an annual tradition for us, wild blackberry season coincides with twin madness. We go foraging to pick berries. This looks harmless, but Nicole is really standing in a healthy field of poison ivy. She's very brave and daring when it comes to berries. I stay away from poison anything, and chase bugs around to take their portrait. The berry picking excursion was worth it though.

After some naptime, we went back for equally embarrassing vegetarian dinner. I'm a huge fan of carnival ride and carnival game people, but I'm a bigger fan of fireworks. Nicole and I ate key lime pie custard while we waited for it to get dark. Dark enough for glowing things like fireworks. We made sure to get close enough that we could see them launching right in front of us. The End.

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