Sunday, September 11, 2011


We've been in so many train stations and looked at so much art in museums that it's all running together at this point. I do know that we went to see the grand and illustrious London Bridge. The thing I liked the most about it was the sign. Specifically the dragon on the sign. Look, another fancy random church. And another boat discovery. I guess you can sleep on this boat. It would probably be more comfortable than our hotel beds. Nicole looks mysterious. Where could we be going other than looking at more bridges How about to go look at the Globe Theater and to look at another bridge. A very Modern bridge. Yeah, we're looking at more art at the Tate Modern. Modern art. I actually "get" this one. It's not hard to get this one. Ohh, after the museum, since we already had one bottle for our checked back, we might as well find it some company right? I would love these ones, maybe I could opt for something a bit more expensive? Yeah...if I spent that much on booze, Nicole would probably push me down these stairs.

So by total chance, our end of vacation day was the same as the Thames river End of Summer Celebration Day. I don't know why anyone would celebrate the end of summer, but I figured it would still be fun anyway. This year's theme was Korean people (I'm serious...people were acting like they've never seen a Korean person before). Now even if I've never seen a Mexican person before, I know better than eating "Authentic Mexican Street Food" from a little blonde girl in a truck that looks like this. Instead, to go with the Korean excitement, we chose an authentic kimchi cheeseburger. Made by white people. I think white people should stick to making things like vegan cupcakes. That's totally authentic white people food. Jamaican jerk chicken on the other hand is probably better this way. I don't care who made it where or how authentic it is or isn't, the cured meats this guy was selling was literally one of the best things I've ever eaten in my whole life. I found coloring and got bummed out I didn't know about it until our last day in town. Yawn. We saw Lil' Wayne and I had fun taking more people pictures. Some how, no matter where we go, Nicole and I always end up finding stuff like this going on. Which is good because I like street performers. Now this whole trip, whenever Nicole would wander off or get separated, I would threaten to get a leash for her. She mostly would give me dirty looks and think I was kidding. I wasn't.

Did I mention that we liked walking along the river? We ended up here a lot. It was WAY too cold to end up here. I would have been a sad crying baby if someone made me go into the fountain. Look at this guy, and this lady, and this guy too.

Awee, sadly our trip is coming to an end. We took our last Underground ride then returned our Oyster cards back for a refund. It's ok though because we can still just walk to a pub for my last fish and chips and roast with yorkshire pudding. The last night of the fair. I'll miss you, London and your giant eye. Since tonight is the End of Summer Festival thing, and as Nicole so poignantly pointed out "they don't have Fourth of July here," we got to end our vacation with fireworks before taking one last look at the fancy buildings everywhere.

Oh! One last thing! Our hotel was two doors down from where Winston Churchill used to live. Yeah that's totally voyeuristic and borderline creepy taking pictures in people's windows like that, but what are they going to do? Extradite me?

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