Friday, September 23, 2011


So as much as I complain about this place almost all the time, I'm a born and raised Cleveland person. I think anyone who's lived here for any extended length of time has strong opinions on the city both good and bad, but in the end the good must outweigh the bad or else we would all live somewhere else. In any case, the late Harvey Pekar is unquestionably the iconic person from Cleveland with strong opinions, and someone that this city can be really proud of. To this end, I was incredibly proud and totally blown away when I found out that an illustration drawn directly from something that I painted made it into one of the last novels he wrote before his death. I found out months ago, but couldn't talk about it until it was published, then slacked on actually picking up a copy. Well I got my copy tonight and I'm really excited about it. Cleveland.

Speaking of things to be proud of in Cleveland, we went to one of my favorite places to get food tonight. Yeah, even after traveling across the ocean to one of the premier culinary centers in the world, I'm still super happy about going to a divey bar and getting fancy vegetarian hot dogs. Cleveland.

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