Saturday, September 3, 2011


This guy isn't just a street musician on the metro. He's a cutthroat business man who wanted change for pictures, then demanded bigger dominations than the coins I gave him. In fairness, I probably only gave him like four cents at first. I'm not sure it was worth it.

Nicole and I have a collection of photobooth pictures of us from different places we go. I'm starting to collect pictures of the photobooths where we take the photobooth pictures for our collection.

Hey look, it's The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I'm not sure who this guy is or if he's been inducted or not. This reminds me of old spy movies. The Louvre is pretty much art overload like a shower 1,000 art history books all falling on you all at once. Before totally blacking out, I took pictures of winged sculptures that I remember from classes like Cupid and Psyche and the Nike mascot. I try not to take too many pictures in museums, because it pretty much defeats the purpose of seeing these masterworks in real life if you're only viewing them though a tiny screen and not really looking at them for real. Art overload causes craziness. My eyes were popping out of the back of my head and people looked like they were made out of vegetables. Nicole started making oaths with Horatii until she passed out from art exhaustion. At least she had a nice ceiling to wake up to. This picture reminds me of being in school. I miss those times.

This is the Jardin des Tuileries. It was nice seeing a bit of nature in all the buildings. Nicole and I like walking around trees. I also liked this antique looking Bentley and this quiche lorraine from a cafe. Nicole likes French fries and ham. Not everyone looks cool on a Vespa. Paris is so fancy. I already miss just randomly seeing buildings like that on every other corner. Of course I already miss the food as well. And not having to drive and just taking the Metro everywhere. This French lady followed me back to the hotel. Nicole chased French cats whenever she saw them.

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