Thursday, September 8, 2011


So I showed our hotel from the street, but this is what the back of it looks like. Here's a picture of the room. Total dive right? My undeducatedness pictured this bridge when I thought of the London Bridge. It's not the London Bridge (more on this later). This picture is however from the London Tower, and this is me defending it. Nicole didn't realize she had mud on her paws and got the crown jewels all dirty. The guard didn't really care. If he did, he probably would have shot us with this gun. I think it's sad that they clip the raven's wings so they can't fly, but that sign in the background explains that ravens bite, so maybe it's good that these ones couldn't fly. When I was a little kid I would always want to go to the art museum to see the armor, then get bored and tired when my mom wanted to see the paintings. I still think that armor is cooler than paintings. Especially with crazy disco lighting. This is Nicole and my armor. Hers is on the right. James Bond guns. Whatever, even after five years in art school, if you don't agree that armor is cooler than paintings, this will persuade you. Agree with me or we'll chop your head off. This is so much money you have to weigh it. This was Sir Walter Raleigh's stuff before he got beheaded. He didn't think armor was cooler than paintings. This is ancient graffiti that prisoners carved into the walls. None of my spots run this long.

We found a boat! We actually got lost and found lots of boats, but I really liked this one. I liked getting lost and seeing different parts of the city. We actually kind of did this a lot in a lot of places. Our lostness was productive however because it led us to this pub. I really like pubs. Every one we went to was very different but similar. They all had food though and this was a really good meat pie. I would also have said that this was the best fish and chips we had, except there were bones in part of it that totally skeezed me out.

There are two Anthropologie stores England. Nicole found them both. This three level one with plants growing on the walls was pretty worth seeing though. This chair is pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as this broom. We found Hamley's, an amazing toy store and home of the most extensive collection of Harry Potter wands we found in all of London. More than just wands, and the life sized broom, they also had the Sword of Gryffindor and some of the Horcruxes. If I were rich with no decorating sense (single), my house would be full of stuff like this. This is a squid that swims in the bath. I'm still pretty shocked that I didn't bring one home with me.

We eventually ended up on Carnaby street again for some weird Fashion Night Out thing. The event was actually pretty lame (other than the the really good DJ spinning northern soul at my favorite store), but it was fun because we saw all sorts of fashiony people getting ready for it. There were fashiony people everywhere. They all liked to pose but pretend they weren't posing. Pretending not to pose real hard. I'm not sure if this is fashiony or not, but pink hair is definitely a thing that's happening. I like this random snapshot of a random street because it reminds me of what we saw the most when we were randomly wandering around everywhere. There's not much that I can say about this snapshot, but whatever it is, I really like it. I can't say much about whatever the hell the BBC has on the outside of their building either, but I can't say that I like it. I might like this. We ended up back at more fashiony model stuff. I don't know that I would call this fashiony or modely.

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