Saturday, October 22, 2011


I blog a lot about food and all the weird stuff I eat. Oddly however, running now has me "eating" even weirder "food." I'm really not sure if I've unwittingly crossed some weird social barrier, but I'm pretty much down for whatever if it enables me to not die during our upcoming race. Speaking of which, Nicole and I went to scout out the course and to check out the competition. Clearly we're outmatched.

So this part is pretty exciting. Tonight, we went to one of the coolest, historic places I've been to that wasn't a museum to watch our friends get married. We like them both a lot, so watching them making things official was really fun.

Also really fun was the reception. Nicole makes me watch horrible TLC wedding shows on a regular basis, so I would like to think that I appreciate nice little details that I probably shouldn't. This picture is really funny and hard to explain. Yay! First dance. Still dancing. You may wonder how she had such great dancing endurance. I'm pretty positive it had something to do with these shoes. This is from the Matron of Honor speech that pictures don't really document the full humor of. I always take pictures of memorable food. This is a picture of bustling. I've been intrigued by this process ever since Nicole amazed me at our wedding when I turned around and thought she magically changed dresses somehow. It's like Transformers but for wedding dresses. Still dancing.

I'm not a big really I can't do it at all dancer, but I do like old things and exploring, so it's pretty obvious what would happen if you let me loose in an antique building that housed a Civil War era gentleman's club. Look at these guys. They're all so classy, even their pictures were judging the crazy long-hairded Asian hippie with the camera. And I don't blame them. In any case, I led an expedition party to the elusive fourth floor in search of hidden doors and secret passageways. We really just found a fancy space with breakfast cereal. And this really awesome plane! Hey look, I'm playing with something worth more than I am that's signed by Cleveland art/design royalty. I'm really glad that I didn't break that plane. If I did, I would have blamed it on these guys. I would have blamed a lot of things on those guys actually. I blame those guys for this picture being a little blurry, but it's still one of my favorite pictures from the whole year.

We came back to even more dancing! If I could dance at all, I probably would have done it all night too just to look at that floor alone. You know how drunk girls always take off their heels when they blame their shoes for not being able to walk? Well, that excuse doesn't work as well for boys. Boys with flowers. Nicole made it back down the stairs shoes intact. That only means that she probably needs one last drink for the night, so we went to one of the classiest bars around since we were so well dressed. Goodnight!


  1. I love your pictures! I do wish I didn't know about the airplane antics.... I specifically asked them to hide that thing.

  2. Don't feel bad, I would have found it even if they had hidden it.