Saturday, November 12, 2011


We saw a lot of cool stuff today. I thought that this buck narrowly avoiding death in traffic would be the coolest, but it wasn't. Since I'm still on break from running, we went hiking on this path to enjoy whatever is left of the pretty fall season. I took lots of pictures of Nicole in nice light while we walked around beautiful scenery. It's also pretty cool to see horses, but that wasn't the best thing either. On pretty much any other day of my entire life, this would be the coolest thing I would see all day, but I'm still having a hard time declaring even the living icon of America the winner.

This is Sheldon. It sounds like the setup for a joke, but tonight at our favorite creole restaurant/bar, I watched Sheldon taking orders, serving drinks, and busing tables. You might be thinking that's not so weird right? Well, Sheldon doesn't work at said creole restaurant. Sheldon is a shellfish eating, beer drinking rabbi, and I'm pretty sure the coolest thing I saw today.

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