Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So back when I was in college, one of my friends started seeing a girl that liked to go to bars with her dad. In order to see said girl, my friend would have to meet up wherever said dad chose to be that night. No big deal. But wait, said girl's father happened to be gay and logically enjoyed going to gay bars. Gay bars with male exotic dancers performing on stage. This frightened my friend. As such, I was enlisted to come as "backup." I'm not really sure what exactly being "backup" entailed, but whatever, it was something to do that night right?

In any case, the reason that I'm telling this seemingly random story is because since my time in college, said gay bar has turned into a divey punk rock bar, and my friend's band was in town to perform on the same stage that I had previously watched a dude wiggle around in a thong on.

This band had a kick drum graphic that was pertinent to Nicole's interests. My friend's band was selling real records.

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