Sunday, November 27, 2011


Nicole and I have a policy of spontaneously awarding ourselves "prizes." Generally these are for minor accomplishments such as running 600 miles, or in this case buying a miniature, porcelain, teddy bear tea set to assuage for a really really bad sinus headache. Additionally, we're crazy cat people, and just so happen to have things like giant catnip filled tea bags laying around the house. It doesn't take a fortune teller to predict what happens next. Yeah, we're having a high tea party on an antique silver dish with our cats. That's real milk in the creamer because Mushroom takes her tea with milk. Not because she's British though, but because she's a cat. A cat that drinks tea. However, since catnip is pretty much crack for cats, Mushroom may have drank a little too much tea and ended up trashing the party then passing out. I belive that that's the definition of a successful cat party.

P.s. I'm fully aware what this post says about both my relative level of sanity and social life. I still like it and I don't care. I do what I wanna.

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  1. I may steal this idea from you, only be crazier. Simone will wear hats but only if Jared puts them on her. Miroslav being a ragdoll and Sebastian having his will slowly removed over the years, will wear some forms of outfits, say a cravat and perhaps a nice dinner jacket? Hmm, this may need to happen soon.