Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I didn't really want to say anything at first, but you might have noticed that our Halloween kind of sucked this year. As people who at the very least pass out candy, but normally go so far as to dress both ourselves and our cats up in costumes, this year was rather lackluster. But since we had so much other stuff scheduled at the same time, I sort of resigned to celebrating Halloween the same way the Religious Right does. I did have a major regret though. In this off year, I didn't get any candy.

All I really wanted was a peanutbutter cup and any sort of the many variations of gummy candy. I even verbalized this regret to Nicole and she somehow managed to procure a peanutbutter cup for me. I was so excited with this gift that I stuffed it into my camera bag to save for the right time, and sort of forgot about it. Well today at work, over a full week after the date, a Halloween miracle happened. Look closely at the picture above. That gummy worm and (slightly smooshed up) peanutbutter cup are hard evidence that dreams do come true.

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