Sunday, December 25, 2011


It's Christmas, and my mom is here to inspect the authenticity of gifts. Sienna is working down to the last minute to make sure she's on the naughty list, but she and Mushroom get gifts anyway. Also receiving gifts even though she's probably on the naughty list too is Baby Lily. We got to watch her open them on Facetime.

So almost a month ago, I brought a giant present home from work and told Nicole that I was hiding it for my boss so his kids didn't find it. I then proceeded to have to pretend to shop for her and not know what to get for the past few weeks while she walked by this giant box multiple times every day. She was kind of confused when I told her to open my boss' kid's present, but she was willing to do it and pretty happy about it even though her gift was on the 7 Gifts to Avoid this Holiday list on Yahoo. She was much less excited about watching A Christmas Story. Then I stopped taking pictures for the rest of Christmas, but I'm sure all the haul of awesome presents will eventually show up on this blog as long as I keep doing it next year. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Yay for nicole! I love my mixer. More than my dog... Don't tell penny.