Saturday, December 3, 2011


I know I post too many pictures of food, but I didn't bring my camera on my 12.5 mile run this morning, and spending the whole day cleaning our house isn't very photogenic. Slightly more photogenic is this awesome still-in-the-box Transformer I "liberated" from my parent's house (the same way I liberated my grandfather's Leica on 1-30-10). Look at this illustration and tell me it doesn't bring back instant nostalgia (provided you're a boy that grew up in the 80's). It also works on some girls that grew up in the 80's too, because it made Nicole want to dig out her old toys to play with (appropriately, my vintage 80's BMX bike is in the background). Barbie box. This is what she was really looking for. It's a cupcake doll that's supposed to smell like berries, but Nicole thinks smells like one of her coworkers. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. We ain't never growing up forever.

P.s. these toys are the exact same age as I am. I would like to think that I've accomplished more in my lifetime than they have, but I'm not really sure that I can make that claim.

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