Sunday, January 1, 2012


So in 2012, I'm pretty sure this blog is going to have a lot of posts about running (and food), so please be prepared. To start the year off, I ran 10 kilometers (in honor of the metric system) along Lake Ontario (in honor of Canada). I'm kind of glad that I don't have pictures of me running very often because I tend to wear a lot of spandex and think I look pretty funny. The only thing worse would be pictures of me wearing spandex doing things other than running. That would really look funny.

Then we went to a creperie which reminded us of when we went to Paris last year. Look, another picture of Nicole eating. Here's a picture of Nicole showing us where we are. This is the kind of graffiti that I can agree with.

Look at this fancy building. It's full of funny looking men who sing strange songs to dinosaurs. Clearly, this is applicable to my interests. Also applicable to my interests were...pretty much everything in this museum. I mean really, if you know me at all you probably know what kind of embarrassing squealing came out of my face when I saw this. There was so much cool stuff everywhere that it was totally overwhelming. Nicole said it was "like they came into our lives" and it really was. I'll let you find at least three things in that picture that I've posted about before in great detail on my blog. Here's a clue. The puffball and fly agarics are two of them since they're mushrooms I've found and taken pictures of. I've never found this kind of magic mushroom before. I've also taken a picture of one of these before, but he's not as big of a deal this far north. They're more patriotic about this guy and these guys.

Nicole got to be a bear and meet a nice beaver. This is more cool stuff. I like looking at bones. These were creepy live lamprey. Speaking of bones...get ready to be really excited in...


Saber tooth kitty. Freakin' dinosaurs! This is very exciting to nerdy people like me. I think I took pictures of all of the dinosaurs in the room, but I'm only posting some of them here. How can you not think this is the coolest thing ever though? I wish I was rich enough to have dinosaurs all around my house. Nicole wishes we were rich enough to have real silver for kitten tea party. Unfortunately, we're only this rich.

We've been a few places and seen a lot of museums, but The ROM is easily one of the coolest and best museum experiences I've ever had anywhere.

Awe, our time here is winding down and this is our last dinner in Canada. Every single thing I ate here was delicious.

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