Thursday, January 12, 2012


Twenty-Nine. If you look back at the previous pictures on this date, it kind of looks like I'm aging backwards.

I don't normally post this many pictures of myself because I think I'm funny looking, but Nicole took pictures of me opening presents. The wrapping paper has glittery octopus on it. My new running watch asked me a silly question. We run almost every day...even birthdays. The site I use to track my miles lets you make little avatar characters and give them outfits. Here's another picture of me. I'm wearing my shiny Christmas jacket, my new birthday watch, and badly need a haircut...just like real life.

After running, Nicole said I could eat anything I wanted. This is what I always want. I also wanted this lemon bar cake. I didn't really want another picture of me looking weird, but that's what happened.

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