Saturday, January 14, 2012


This is how I look after running 8 miles in 18° and snow. To make sure I don't shrivel up and die, Nicole took me to go get fat. We've been doing birthday stuff all week, but bringing me here was a surprise since I've never been here before, but always wanted to whenever I saw the X-wing fighter parked outside. The whole place is weird, and they even sat us in a bus. Nicole isn't too sure about eating breakfast in a bus. I'm not too sure about eating all of this but I'm doing it anyway. Even more unsure, Nicole got pancakes with eggs and gravy. I think it's kind of like chicken and waffles, but not really. After breakfast, I got to drive us around in the bus.

Not everything we do is exciting or photogenic, so here's something that is. I found out recently that the kid that wrote that obnoxious but catchy "pumped up kicks" song about kids shooting each other went to my high school. I guess he was two years younger than me and knew Nicole's brother. It's kind of weird to think he's an internationally famous rock star now when he just as easily could have freaked in algebra class down the hall from me.

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