Sunday, January 8, 2012


After being spoiled in Toronto, Nicole and I decided to seek out the closest excuse for Chinese food as we could find locally. It ended up being pretty close. We went out for Dim Sum, which is like tapas style small plates that come around on a little cart. You can pick whatever you want, and they rate your gluttony on a little card. The more X's you get, the more they are secretly judging you. Needless to say, with carts full of tasty things like this, they judged me a lot. To our great surprise, we even found these. More X's.

After brunch we went wandering around to try and walk off the gluttony. Chinese people sell super weird stuff like it's no big deal (like tanks of live frogs in grocery stores). If you're ever looking for a robot Michael Jackson clock, or a random poster of JC, I can tell you were to find one. Speaking of weird Chinese things, My dad is still in his vacation home celebrating the new year.

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