Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've written on here before about how I'm a sucker for fast food advertising on television. Last time I was enticed by the harpies of Sonic, and was horribly disappointed by the outcome. Well despite the failure of my past TV motivated endeavors, I've been seeing yet another commercial for a different fast food franchise which persuaded me to seek out and patronize their nearest local establishment. I had to seek out the nearest two establishments actually, because said special is so popular that the first location sold out entirely. However, fully determined to obtain the glory I saw on television, I boldly ignored my "you probably shouldn't bee in this hood" suspicions and ventured to places my parents probably wouldn't want me to go by myself...especially not just to buy chicken. But look! The chicken comes with spicy fries! And a biscuit! And a tiny little miniature bottle of Tabasco sauce! All this for only $3.99. I would probably pay that much just for the midget bottle alone.

In truth, the chicken wasn't that great. But I would do this all again in a heartbeat if they were to advertise other Micro Machine scaled condiment bottles on television. 1/8 fluid ounces of liquid happiness.

I kind of randomly had a really fun night playing pinball with a bunch of friends I didn't expect to see. I didn't camera-harass my friends, but I took a bunch of pictures of the machine because I think it looks cool. It was really hard to get the timing on these shots too so I'm posting them.

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