Sunday, March 4, 2012


Fact #1, I hate winter and being stuck in the house watching TV.
Fact #2, I'm a total nerd about nature.
Fact #3, I like going places were people aren't supposed to go. I pretty much look at "No Trespassing" signs as an open invite to find all the cool places that must by default be awesome since someone doesn't want you to go there.

With these facts in mind, being invited on an all access, v.i.p. hike though normally private areas of a local arboretum is pretty much the greatest thing that could possibly happen this weekend.

I didn't even bother listing it with the other facts since I'm sure you already know if you're at this blog...but Fact #4 is that I take way too many pictures of everything all the time. I've been trying to be happy just shooting digital pictures recently since film is so expensive/takes forever to process blah blah. But today is special, so I loaded up one of my favorite 1970's 35mm slr's and let myself shoot real film. Since I had to actually pay for every shot, I'm posting a ton on here so I can look at them whenever I want and pretend I'm in the woods.

People in the woods
We walked though a stream
Walking though streams can be sketchy.
The icicles are melting.
I like trees
and waterfalls
all kinds of waterfalls.
Nicole likes waterfalls too, but I was glad that she didn't fall into the water
I want to live here
Footwear choices are important when you're walking though water
I want to live here too
We climbed a lot of stuff
I didn't climb this
This would be crazy to climb
I already want to go back to this place
These tress are looking down at you
I guess most trees look down at you since they're tall
This one is going out of his way to look at you though
I went out of my way to change rolls and look at this.
I don't really have an explanation for this.
We started with hiking sticks but left them in the woods cause they were actually harder than helpful to use
I'm taking a shower here in the summer
This just looked interesting
Killing icicles
Loving icicles
Not sure how to explain this one either, but I approve
I'm not sure I approve of whatever this is.
They're supposed to look like this.
This is a waterslide
I liked how this picture came out

So after a day full of nature, we went to the most opposite of nature possible. I still had a few shots to use up, so I took pictures of drinks. It's too bad that we drink beer and martinis now, or else I could take shots of shots. That sounds cooler. I'm fond of going to bars on Sunday nights. It makes me feel like I used up even the very last bit of my weekend.

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  1. I love the tree pictures. They look like Ents