Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I found this creepy little monster shell on my way back from lunch. Here's a cropped close up to really show off the creepy.

P.s. I decided to keep him as a pet in my office.

I have bonus pictures. Mostly because my peppers are turning orange.
See, orange.
Turning orange.

Now I pretty much orchestrate my entire life so I can live like a perpetual twelve-year-old as much as possible, but owning a house pretty much requires doing grown-up things which work directly against my preferred lifestyle. Grown-up stuff sucks...except for days like today. We "discovered" a large yellow jacket nest in our font yard while mowing. The only mature and responsible thing to do is to pour gasoline down the hole to thoroughly soak the nest before setting the wasps on fire. This is the first "yard work" I've really enjoyed doing since buying the house. And this is what Nicole did with the foraged-though-the-poison-ivy berries from the weekend. It was a very good night.

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