Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well, after a month and a half of solid (really hard) training, the big day is finally here. Determined to get one of these or leave in one of these. It was a super hard race and the finish was a close one, but I managed to edge out Baby Lily in the end, but just by a hair.

Since I survived the hardest race of my life, I decided to go ahead start some other race with Nicole. I really shouldn't belittle this, because it really was a pretty big deal. Nicole and I finished our very first half marathons. I want to make sure the readership of this blog really understands how surprised I am that we did this, so here's a crop that better explains my feelings while I was crossing the finish line. That little blonde girl sitting in her pink chair may be judging me, but the people handing out medals actually said that I was the happiest person to finish yet.

Nicole's finish was a bit more dramatic and came down to a showdown at the end after the girl next to her was stupid enough to elbow her in the last ten feet. These crops make me laugh every time I look at Nicole's battle face when someone is foolish enough to spur on her competitive side.

But after everything, it was all smiles and Nicole and I were both really happy with our times and medals. Baby Lily didn't really have a time, and wasn't too sure about her medal.

The following pictures are pretty graphic, so fair warning if you get grossed out by gross stuff. Nicole and I have undoubtedly developed (ugly) runner's feet. I think there's a weird mentality in running that you earn nasty blisters and disfigured toenails are a badge of honor. I just know that blisters hurt and that safety pins have more uses than just keeping your number pinned to your shirt.

Cups also have other uses. Like this cup that's actually my Age Group 3rd Place Finish trophy! Can you believe I actually won something that's physically oriented and doesn't involve being an art nerd and coloring?!

After the race, we waited forever for dinner. While waiting, I realized that regardless of age, (even half) Asian people can always bond over electronics and technology.

If you have Queen in your iTunes, start playing We Are The Champions now...
I'm honestly really amazed and ecstatic that all of our training paid off and we had such a great experience. I keep telling myself that we can't get too used to coming home with things after all of our races, but our fireplace mantle has some new residents. I know that this was for Third place at a local half marathon, but I feel like I just won the Olympics.

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