Sunday, November 6, 2011


So apparently Baby Lily reads my blog, because she specifically requested to go to the brunch I posted about on 10-2-11. She considers herself a bit of an expert on chicken and waffles, and really wanted to try these ones. She then proceeded to demonstrate various traditional techniques for eating the strange combination of foods. First with a fork (above), then the more advanced Waffle Taco Method, and finally eating like a hungry puppy (this maneuver is for experts only and should probably not be attempted in public by anyone over the age of two. This blog claims no responsibility if the photos inspire you to mimic a baby). For all her enthusiasm, Baby Lily forgot that she doesn't like hot sauce and then demonstrated how to wipe flavors you don't like off of your tongue using the palm of your hand.

After brunch it was goodbye hugs and the end of a very incredible weekend. Well, not really quite the end, but nothing that we did today is quite as interesting after Baby Lily drove home. We already miss that baby.

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