Thursday, December 29, 2011


Phantomgram on repeat means that we're on the road and driving past Buffalo (the city and the animal) flee the country and see a big waterfall! We might have picked the exact worse time of year to do this, because everything was cold and frozen, but at least it looked really cool. Nicole looked cool/cold/very wet. I looked like a nerd/Vanna White. We looked at America.

You know the saying about "the grass is always greener..." or whatever? Well the grass is more frozen on the other side of the border. Nicole is always frozen is on the other side of the border. Toronto is on the other side of the border.

Hey look, we have a hotel room. They bumped us up to the second best room because we got there late and they gave away all the cheap rooms already. Since we got there late, Nicole was sleepy, but I dragged her out of the hotel to go eat noodles. Now please understand, the scheduling of this trip around the new year was purely coincidental. I really just wanted to go to Toronto to eat. Eat everything and that's it. As such, the next few post are going to be food picture overload. There will be some pictures of Canadian stuff, but really mostly just food. For example, for years I've heard of a legendary, exclusive cultural establishment that shocked every Canadian I met when they found out that the U.S. didn't have it. Of course I'm talking about Ketchup potato chips which are as Canadian as hockey, mooses, and geese that poop all over the sidewalk. See, I'm talking about Canadian stuff, but it's really just an excuse to post more food pictures.

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