Friday, December 30, 2011


We do our best to travel a lot. My motivation it to see as much of the world and have as many varied life experiences as possible before I die. I'm pretty sure Nicole's motivation is to visit ever Anthropologie in the world. She's doing pretty well so far. We've been to stores in three different countries and at least five different U.S. locations...just this year. Actually I should take that back. My real motivation for traveling is honestly just to eat food. There are lots of foods that you can't eat where we live like Chinese breakfast and very high on my list, xaio long bao also known as "Chinese soup buns". I'm pretty sure you can find these were we live, but they're really tasty as well as photogenic.

This was really photogenic, but I have absolutely no desire to find out how it would taste. Speaking of photogenic, we went to Dundas Square. It's a place every tourist goes to take pictures and they all pretty much look exactly like this. Tourists also go to Eaton Center to go shopping. Clearly, if shopping and picture taking defines tourism, Nicole and I are tourists. Here's a picture I tried to take of fast guy ice skating, but he was too fast to really get a good picture of. And he didn't fall down once. Here's a picture from Queen Street West. You can pretty much figure out what that street is like from that picture. Can you tell what this street is like from the picture? Here, this picture should help. Yeah, we're in Chinatown to eat more food. Yelp guided us to a place called Mother's Dumplings, which probably means that this is some one's mother. Additionally, these are dumplings. These really are one of my favorite things to eat, so having them twice in one day was ok with Nicole.

Canadian money has hockey on it. Another sighting of something specifically Canadian is milk in a bag. It's only funny to Nicole and I...well really just me, but this is a picture of the old elevator in our hotel that may or may not be too confusing for one of the people in the picture to use. And here's another Canadian thing that I like.

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