Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sometimes the combinations of things that I participate in is strange to even me. This weekend definitely makes me question what exactly I'm doing with my life. Here's a quick run down.

I woke up before the sun to hang out with people who like to wear spandex and neon colors and shorts in the snow with my friends. I look really serious in this picture. This picture is less serious, but it means our fireplace has a new present for the mantle and that's serious.

Then we rode in the car for hours to see friends and watch this double glowing yo-yo guy. I don't really take tons of pictures at gallery openings, especially when the artist is so hostile.

And then this is for the trunk full of this to take to the house party which leads to me doing things like the picture above at the hotel...and this is just day #1 of our Detroit adventure.

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