Sunday, February 5, 2012


So we're still in Detroit, and I'm pretty sure I like it here. Whenever I'm in a different city, I always try to eat the local, regional foods the area is known for. Detroit is know for food that looks like this. I wasn't too sure I wanted to eat it, but it was better than it looks, and I ended up liking it. I guess you can't really judge these things visually, because my friend Barb always looks good, but I would never eat her. I actually really like how Detroit looks. I think it's pretty much required to take pictures of the graffiti, prevalent urban blight, and this building that was in Transformers if you come here. I understand it though, because it's all fun to look at like a safari for post-apocalyptic party time. Speaking of party time, we spent the rest of the day watching people color. Nicole and Nicole were enthralled and couldn't look away the whole time. I honestly was pretty enthralled by this little worried guy.

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