Friday, August 12, 2011


Maybe it's just the elitist, art school snob in me, but nothing makes me feel like a total yuppie more than going to an "art walk." Well, maybe shopping at Trader Joe's, but this is pretty up there too. In any case, since my friend Paul had new work I hadn't seen before hanging in a restaurantbar, Nicole and I decided to go here instead of the same place we went last Friday night (not a Katy Perry reference). Paul is by far one of my favorite local painters. Look how awesome this little stuff is, and that's just a tiny detail of one of many big awesome paintings. Paul deserves big awesome shows in big awesome galleries. I think that's my main contention with "art walks." They're too democratic. They either put good artists than ideal spaces, like dark bars where you have to stand next to people while they eat to look at things. Or they put a bunch of really really crappy work in "galleries" since the individual artists wouldn't ever be able to attract a viewership on their own. I'm a hater. I know. I do like the shopping aspect of art walks though, and I managed to find the kind of art that I like. This is the kind of art that Nicole likes. This is a sculpture of me and this is a sculpture of Nicole. This is a phone call I totally did not expect to have to make tonight.

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