Saturday, August 13, 2011


After five hundred and eighty-nine days of posting weird pictures, it's probably pretty clear and Nicole and I live a pretty odd lifestyle and do a lot of strange stuff. As a matter of fact, we do so much strange stuff that it's kind of hard to out do ourselves with new life experiences to post on here. Today, I think we out did ourselves. Like we out did the whole blog. I've painted all kinds of atypical stuff, from shoes to boxcars to rocks, but I've never even though about painting a belly full of baby. Much less paint said belly to look like a football helmet. There really isn't much I can write to describe the experience other than that as soon it even presented itself as a possibility of happening, I knew it was something that I've never known I wanted to do so badly my whole life. Almost done. These are pretty awesome parents. Greatest dad.

I'm not quite sure how a day can get any better from such a high point, but attempting to at least keep things as awesome as possible, we decided to go downtown and look for parking for a few hours. When Nicole gets frustrated about not finding parking, she tends to knock over buildings until the police show up. She's actually really strong. Ok, so only part of this story is true. We actually didn't go downtown just to find a parking space. We really went to try out a new ramen restaurant. We tried to go there before, but they have really weird hours. At least they have very good food and a nice view.

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